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Got 98% in Course 3 General and Residential. Will come back later to buy MiniCram for my next course.
Ankur S.
Hello MiniCram Team, Thanks to You, I have passed the 2nd exam today with 91%.
Davis B.
Hi, I don't have words to say thank you. I passed Real Property law with 95%.
Hi, Thanks a lot for your MiniCram notes and practice exams. They were of real help. I passed the law exam with 93%.
Shabnam G.
Hello, thanks for the great effort you put for these materials. I passed my first exam with 96% with your notes and exams. I will just rely on MiniCram notes for the next exams instead of studying from the text books.
Marin S.
Hi, I passed the second exam with 95%. Thank you so much. I'll get MiniCram study material for the third course as well.
I MiniCram, I passed the Commercial Real Estate Transaction exam with 97%. I did only one case study question wring. Thank you so much!
Salva K.
Excellent work with the MiniCram study guide! I write the Property Law exam tomorrow and was actually struggling with this one. Your guide is a great help.
Summer C.
Hi MiniCram Team, I got 97% using your notes on Property Law. Thank you! This little wonderful tool MiniCram was very helpful addition to my studies. Now I am ready to look for a brokerage and start my new career.
Alana B.
Thank you so very much for your MiniCram notes and your personal help with my first course. I passed the test today with 89%. Will order the study material for second course tomorrow. Thanks again!
Nermine M.
Hi MiniCram, You guys are amazing. Combined with text books, I've received above 95% in my exams without looking for any other help. Keep up the excellent work!
Rishi P.
Hi there, just a heads up. The first time I used your MiniCram Notes and Practice Questions, I got 84%. Last month, I got 94% on Property Law. Thanks so much.
Thanks a lot for your MiniCram notes and practice exams. I passed all my required exams with good scroes and I already recommended MiniCram to my friends who are now writing the exams.
I wrote my Broker exam today and passed with 88%. Once again, MiniCram notes allowed me to streamline my studying, providing great insight and prepared me for teh exam. I will continue to recommend MiniCram to others still taking the courses. Much Appreciated.
Kim A.
Hi MiniCram Team, I would like to express my thanks for writing very concise MiniCram study notes. I have taken full advantage of MiniCrams and passed Course 1 & 2 with 97% and 94% respectively.
Sahid Q.
Hello there, I really don't have enough words to express my thanks to the MiniCram study material. I passed my Property Management exam today with 91% marks. Simoly couldn't have done without it.
Elisa D.
Just wanted to say Thank You for your MiniCram notes. I got 100% in my Appraisal exam!
Hello MiniCram, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your informative lessons on real estate courses. I have now passed all 5 of my courses wit 80% and above average. Keep up the good work!
Vijay B.

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