Ontario Real Estate License Exams

The Information Below is for OREA Exams

Real Estate License Exams in Ontario are administered by Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). The student must complete the following 5 pre-registration exams within 18 months of starting the first course.

  1. Real Estate as a Professional Career
  2. Land Structures and Real Estate Trading
  3. The Real Estate Transaction – General & Residential
  4. The Commercial Real Estate Transaction
  5. Real Property Law

Once you pass these courses, you may apply to Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) within 12 months for Salesperson License.

After obtaining your Salesperson registration, you must complete 1 Articling course within 2 years. This may be any one of the following:

After your first 2 years of Articling period, you need to renew your registration every 2 years of registration cycle.

Real Estate Broker

To become a Real Estate Broker, you must have at least 2 years experience as a Salesperson. In addition to this, you must complete the following 2 courses.

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Exam Format

The marks for each question are given against the question itself. You cannot take any blank paper sheets in the exam nor will you be provided. Most math questions have extra space for your rough work. On an iPad exam, students are usually provided blank paper sheets for rough work.

  • Every exam is based on Multiple Choice questions and is 3 hours in duration.
  • In every exam the student is required to obtain 75% marks to pass.
  • In Course 1 Exam, the first 10 questions are simple theory questions and they carry 1 mark each. They are usually one sentence questions. The next 45 questions are a mix of theory and math and they carry 2 marks each. These questions have multiple sentences and take a bit more time.
  • In Course 2 Exam, the first 16 questions carry 1 mark each, the next 33 questions carry 2 marks each and the last 6 questions carry 3 marks each.
  • In Course 3, 4 & 5  and Articling Exams, the first 12 questions carry 1 mark each, the next 26 questions carry 2 marks each and the last 12 questions are case studies carrying 3 marks each.

The exam booklet is separate from the answer sheet, which is a machine-readable Scantron® sheet. The answer sheet is to be filled up with pencil only. Take a good number of sharp pencils. You will also need to take your own calculator. Cell phones or tablets are not permitted in exam centre. The HP10BII Calculator is recommended for these course but it is not absolutely necessary, except for the Mortgage Financing exam.

Paper-Based Exams: They may be waiting time to book a paper-based exams, which are held every Saturday in designated exam centres in Ontario.

iPad Exams: iPad based exams are also available at selected exam centres. Dates for iPad based exams are available earlier than paper-based exams. These exams are typically held on weekdays.

For more information on the exams or register for an exam, visit OREA’s website at www.orea.com.

For information on admission requirements, course details and fees, please visit their website www.orea.com.

For information on obtaining and maintaining your registration, please visit www.reco.on.ca.

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