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Ontario Real Estate Licensing Exams are hard to pass. A large number of students do not succeed in their first attempt. You need a minimum of 75% marks to pass an exam. If not, there could be a waiting time for the rewrite. We know that it is completely not acceptable; this is not what you want.

MiniCram offers a convenient method of preparing for these exams. We provide the best resources for studying and preparing for the exams to ensure that you pass your exams in the first attempt. Our Study Notes are written in easy to understand language. The Practice Questions are based on most recent feedback from out students. Prepare for your Real Estate Exams with our proven and time-tested exam prep materials.

Why Choose MiniCram

Study Notes

Study Notes is standard a part of our exclusive exam prep system. Mastering the concepts gives you the foundation for understanding the topics covered in the exam. We know that you do not have enough time to read the bulky text books.

Practice Questions

Our Practice Questions are formatted just like the exams. Questions are organized according to Course Modules. The Practice Questions and options are presented randomly each time you start a Practice Test.

Free Trials

MiniCram is different. We know that you want to try before you buy. That's why we provide you 100 Free Practice Questions with Detailed Answers. This will give you an idea of the format of our actual Sample Practice Questions.

Caution - Do Not Buy Pirated Copies of MiniCram

Original & Updated MiniCram notes are sold ONLY from the website.

Always Compare Samples and if you see Samples without MiniCram watermark, No Headers on top or no Footers at the bottom, this might be a pirated copy of MiniCram. Please be aware that we will not be able to provide any support if you have purchased pirated copies of MiniCram notes from elsewhere. Also, we will not be responsible if you get outdated material, files that may harm your computer or pay more and get duped of your money.

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Humber Online Practice Questions

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Study Notes, Practice Questions and More

Detailed Answers

With Detailed Answers and Math Solutions, you don’t just memorize the questions but also know why an option is correct or incorrect. Build your confidence through practice and understanding.

No Time Limits

There are no time limitations when you buy our study material. The PDF file we send you (OREA Only) is yours forever. Our Humber exam notes are online eBooks. It can be saved on your computer, laptop, tablet or even on your phone. It .

Interactive (Humber)

Our Humber College Real Estate Study Notes and Practice Questions can be accessed on any device, anywhere and anytime. Prepare for your exam on your desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone.

Progress Tracker (Humber)

Practice the Sample Questions and Mock Exams and immediately know your score. Check your strong and weak points. Repeat the questions as many times as you wish, mark questions for review, and redo the marked ones.

Always Updated

We constantly update our question bank for each course with recent changes to the text book content and current changes to exams. New questions are added regularly and old questions are carefully reworded to change the answers.


MiniCram doesn’t offer just the study materials. We also stand behind our course content. Contact Us if you have any questions related to practice questions, or need help in understanding any topic. 

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CJ Kaur.
""Got 97 in Appraisal. Your notes and support is much appreciated."

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