Students Failing The Third Exam!

A large number of 3rd course students are failing their exam in their first attempt.  This is a combined exam for two courses: The Real Estate Transaction – General & Residential Real Estate Transaction. Many of these are failing in their second attempt as well.

For the last couple of months, we get phone calls saying:

  • “4 out of my 5 classmates failed.”
  • “It’s not just me. 90% of my colleague students failed.”
  • “They have changed everything in this exam.”

Any Idea About What is happening?

Some students say that they have changed ‘everything‘ for this exam. Rumours are spreading all around like a fire in the forest. Eventually, every single student is scared.

The fact is that nothing has happened and OREA has not changed anything in this exam. The books are same and their content is still same. OREA uses a question bank with hundreds of questions. A software is used to prepare a unique exam for each student. They regularly retire questions and add new questions to the question bank. So, they have just retired a majority of questions and case studies and added new ones.

Same Concepts, Different Words

Only the way the questions are worded might have changed. They are now more carefully worded. One needs to pay close attention to how the question and its scenario is presented and how the answer options are written. Special attention must be paid to absolute words and hedge phrases, which may change the overall meaning of a statement.

Anyone who has gone through the text books thoroughly and understood the concepts is able to answer the new questions easily. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. Just more practice with a variety of questions is all that one needs.

Most Common Mistakes

Believe it or not, but a large number or students make one or more of the following mistakes:

1. Not Attending Classes: Most students do not attend official class, thinking that its a waste of time. The fact is that classes are a great learning environment with group discussions, interaction and participation of students and the instructor.

2. Not Getting the Basics Under Control: The first and foremost requirement to pass any exam is that the student must understand the subject matter properly. Tutorial classes are very helpful when someone is facing short time or does not have time to attend official classes.

3. Questions/Exercises in Book: Most students assume that the True/False questions and the Active Learning Exercises in the text books are useless because they do not appear in the exam. The fact is that these exercises help you understand the topics more thoroughly and prepare well, not only for the exam but for practical purposes as well.

4. Buying & Memorizing Questions: A majority of students get notes and questions from their friends or just buy from some unreliable sources on the internet. Many of these sellers even guarantee that they have the actual exams. Students assume that their exam questions would be ‘out of‘ those questions. Unfortunately, answers are also marked on these papers, and no wonder, many of those are incorrectly marked. The students just memorize those questions and answers.

5. Exam Questions: Every question in the exam is merely a game of words. carefully drafted question scenarios and answer options can be challenging if the student does not understand the topic of the question. More practice with a variety of scenarios and differently worded options does help a lot.

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