RECO has announced certain changes to real estate educational program. Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and NIIT Canada have now been selected to design, develop and deliver real estate education in Ontario.

It is expected that these institutions would:

  • Design and develop new learning paths for eligibility for obtaining registration.
  • In addition to classroom and eLearning methods, students will benefit from computer based interactive learning.
  • Practical in-person sessions will help students make assessment of learning the practical aspects of a transaction in a structured classroom environment.

It is expected that these institutions will start enrolment from mid 2019 and the transition will complete by December 2020.

How Does it Affect Current OREA® students?

OREA® will continue to provide education to currently enrolled students until December 2020.

Will the New Education Programs be Longer than the Current program?

The two institutions will make a decision in that regard. However, it is expected that the new programs would be similar to the existing OREA® programs.

Will this Affect Current Registrants?

No. Currently registered salespersons and brokers will not be affected.

What Happens to Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Courses?

There will not be any change to this program because this program is provided by RECO itself. However, RECO is expected top review the current MCE program in 2017.

For more info about this program, please visit RECO’s website at

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